The designer does not begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea. – Paul Rand

The Product Design Cycle is the assemblage of commonly identified stages in the life of commercial products. The stages which a product cycles through during its lifespan are: Concept, System Architecture, Hardware Design, Software Development, Product Prototyping, and Testing. It concentrates on the outlining, development and evaluation of a product and studies the execution of the product in the market.

Typical Product Design Cycle

  • Concept

  • System Architecture


  • Hardware Design


  • Software Development

  • Product Prototyping

  • Testing

Avench's Approach

At Avench, we deep dive into the embedded product design cycle. Starting from the ideation of the project, we provide an elaborate method of working until the support of the said project. We assist you in knowing the feasibility of your project, which in turn helps you understand the project’s technicalities and its achievement. We provide you with the Statement of Work(SOW) which gives you the project’s detailed features. 

Avench’s approach towards the execution of the project is structured and helps you in finalizing the engagement model and Project Management methodology. Next, the industrial designing step helps you to understand the overview of the product’s look and feel, with technologies of 3D model development, enclosure prototyping, evaluation and debugging, and 3D model development for mass production. Then, we proceed to a hardware design that involves block diagram, critical component selection, schematic capture, PCB Layout design and Gerber generation, PCB fabrication, final assembly of the product and then the product is brought up for testing. Post designing the hardware architecture of the product, we move to software designing. This step includes high-level architecture, processor and peripherals selection, Programming approach finalization, System software development, Firmware development, Application development, Code optimization, and Testing.

Once the designing process for hardware and software is completed, we proceed to Integration testing where the working of the product is determined. Then, we proceed to prototype and manufacturing. While working through all these processes and steps, we provide you with continuous support before, during and after the completion of the project. 

Avench has a unique and structured way of designing embedded products which helps the customers in gaining the detailed insights of the project footprints and support them with anything at any stage.

Avench Product Design

  • Ideation

  • Technical Feasibility

  • SOW Finalisation

  • Approach


      • Engagement model selection
      • Finalization of PM methodology

  • Industrial design

      • 3D model development
      • Enclosure prototyping
      • Evaluate and debug
      • 3D model development for mass manufacturing

  • Hardware design

      • Block diagram
      • Critical component selection
      • Schematic capture
      • PCB layout design and Gerber generation
      • PCB fabrication
      • Final assembly
      • Board bring up and testing

  • Software design

      • High level architecture
      • Processor and peripherals selection
      • Programming approach finalization
      • System software development
      • Firmware development
      • Application development
      • Code optimization 
      • Testing

  • Integration testing

  • Prototyping

  • Support

      • Knowledge transfer
      • IP transfer
      • Maintenance support
      • Support for mass production

What makes us different?

Detailed Market Research

Experienced Development Team

Technical Support

Timely Execution

Case Studies


General Description Avench designed an optimized digital payment solution using a smartphone application, activation of a washing machine would be initiated once the customers make payment via Paytm, free charge, citrus wallet etc. The client has invested a huge amount on their card/coin-operated washing machines. Most of the time there is an insufficiency of coins [...]

Pipeline Investigation Gauge

General Description Avench’s Pipeline Investigation gauges(PIG) are devices that are inserted into pipelines and travel throughout the length of a pipeline is driven by a product flow. PIGs are designed to record conditions, such as dents, wrinkles, ovality, bend radius, angle, cracks and occasionally an indication of significant internal corrosion by making measurements of the [...]

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