Power and Utilities

Power and utility companies are pledged to improvise the environmental performance, keep consumers cost in accounting and maintaining the reliability of the system. They can help you meet the coming changes and resulting challenges with an unrivaled portfolio of high-quality energy-efficient products using new and renewable sources of energy. We are your competent and reliable partner. We make the pathway of transition to a smart world. We are a world-leading product company providing diverse, intelligent systems into power and utility solutions across the globe.

The Energy & Utilities industry is in a state of tremendous pressure since the regulatory uncertainties and the immense pressure from being watched for environmental violations. Significant changes in the global economy have affected energy and utility organizations across the globe. Innovation, changing customer expectations, and increased competitive pressure are driving the change. Energy and Utility leaders are evaluating new business models which can help them reinvent themselves. The latest technologies are helping to reinvent the energy and utility industry by automating and enhancing distribution grids, improving water management, increasing security, addressing compliance requirements and providing critical information in near real time.

Avench’s team has expertise in understanding the challenges of energy and utility industry. With our experience in working with various energy and utility companies,  we ensure success with our clients.

Avench’s expert team recognizes the challenges of the energy and utility business and its dynamics. Based on years of expertize with pioneering energy and utility companies, included proven methodologies, frameworks, and assets to ensure successful business results of our clients.

Avench’s focus is on helping energy and utility companies to optimize their business processes and IT solutions to address operational, commercial, and energy management challenges while allowing clients to focus on gaining a competitive advantage. We help implement world-class procurement processes in the energy & utility.

In Avench we provide end-to-end IT services and consulting to power and utility industry. Some of the IT services that we offer are cloud-based data management, integration of mobile technologies.

Our industry experts implement cost-saving strategies across all aspects of the energy & utility businesses in the face of tomorrow’s industry challenges.

Our solution can help in improving the operations and communication between different Energy and Utility companies, by aiding the exchange of information in real-time. We have the technical capabilities to tackle cyber-security challenges, build mobile applications that help to cut operational costs.

Avench’s Expertise in the utility sector has in-depth knowledge of applications, process standards to help organizations translate into quicker results with decreased deployment expenses by optimizing with real-time visibility within the utility.

Our organization seeks best-practice solutions that are designed for low life-cycle costs ensuring the best possible return on investment for your application.

The Avench Utility industry group brings in-depth knowledge of the industry,  best in class capabilities, innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to our customers. Our skills are underpinned by our industry services across the utility value chain that combine our industry expertise and assets to provide end-to-end services, bringing the best of Avench to utility organizations.