Avench Systems is a design house specialized in embedded systems. With ever-changing technology, it is utmost necessary to keep a pace with it. This is where we help you with our advanced engineering solutions by designing products which plug the gaps between technology and the need. Our design thinking based development approach encompasses different engagement models and is tailored to meet even the most challenging customer needs. Avench strives to constantly evolve with the technology with 100% confidentiality and compliance and goal-oriented process. Being amidst the ever-growing engineering and design industry & a market full of opportunities, we look forward to making the best possible use of the opportunities we stumble upon. Get on a free consultation call with us today to find out how we could be of help!

Founded in 2015, we started with a vision of becoming a global leader in providing embedded technology solutions and a team size of 17 members; 8 in Hardware Engineering and 9 in Software Engineering.

We didn’t stop just here. A total of 22 employees became a part of our Avench culture; 11 in hardware engineering, 9 in software and 2 in the Administration department.

This year was significant as we increased not only in employees, but also in varied divisions in Avench. 14 in Hardware engineering, 15 in Software Engineering, 3 in Project management, 2 in Business development, and 2 in the Administration department with a total of 36 employees.

The growing phase of Avench required several other domains to be a part of the company. A whole of 42 employees was a member of the company; 15 in Hardware engineering,16 in Software Engineering, 4 in Project management, 4 in Business development, 3 in Administration and HR.

Currently, at Avench, we have a total of 55 employees who are experienced and skilled in their particular areas. 19 in Hardware engineering, 20 in Software Engineering, 5 in Project management, 8 in Business development, and 3 in Administration and HR.

Awards & Recognitions

Avench Systems received the award for one of the best two startup companies in STPI pavilion at Bangalore ITEbiz 2015 from Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan and Kris Gopalakrishnan.

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