Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is one of the largest industries in the world producing most valuable resource in the world, which is fuel. This is one of the fast-growing industries and require cutting edge solutions to minimize the cost and improve operational efficiencies. The standards and statutory requirements keeps the constant need for latest and advanced technology in the factories.


Technology requirements for the industry :

Below are some of the key areas, where Avench is focusing to help its customers :

  • Standards & Compliance : electronics equipment design & development
  • Cutting edge Technology : High speed designs & Technology upgrade
  • Connectivity Solutions : Connected machines for easy data transfers
  • Cost Reduction : Value engineering & re-design
  • Automation : FPGA & RTOS based solutions
  • Industrial Electronics : Machine welding / welding oscillators

Pipeline Inspections solutions by Avench :

Meeting the requirements of our client, we have designed complex electronic systems for pipeline inspection services. These products are designed to operate inside transportation pipelines in factories and pipelines carrying petroleum products. Our design includes a FPGA based data acquisition system to captures different measurement parameters at a very high speed and sampling rates in the order of milliseconds.

Our solutions for the Oil & Gas industry include :

  • Battery operated pipeline inspection Gauges (PIG)
  • FPGA based data acquisition systems
  • Multilayer highspeed designs for low power & compact equipment
  • Location tracking solutions
  • Welding oscillators for machine welding