Mobility Solutions

Mobile-Centric Digital Transformation has become the defining enterprise mobility catalyst. However, to capture the real value of mobile, organizations need a mobile-first-mobile-must strategy that can foster professional efficiency, business enablement, and collaboration. The mobile platform is changing the way we work. The workforce is using many devices and software, including personal devices, which are difficult to manage.

Mobility solutions bring greater customer engagement, more workplace productivity, and deeper partner alliances. Avench’s mobility services integrate with business processes to deliver engaging, easy-to-use mobile solutions. Our designs are device and technology independent, so users can stay connected on any device to ensure an elegant digital experience to the end-users.

Our mobility services can help our customers to maintain a mobile enterprise presence that drives your organization’s growth. We help our clients to increase workforce productivity and extend customer relationships by implementing true business mobility by implementing new devices that leverage the power of software, services, and solutions.

It has been proven that the enterprise mobility using the latest technology has helped several organizations to become successful in their respective industries as well as in the world of business in general. Technological versatility had helped to free the geographical boundaries of the workforce. It has changed the way they do business. These applications have also transformed the way in which they reach potential customers, trade activities, income potential, and all the while saving the money.

To make enterprise mobility work for an organization, It needs to understand the strategies of implementing mobility solutions. These are more than just the application you can run on your devices. These strategies have to be used in harmony with one another to get an entirely new and unique way to do the business. Instead of implementing one or two mobility strategies, organizations are integrating multiple mobile platforms in their business to drive the business efficiently.

One of the benefits of mobility in enterprises is using smartphones to access the cloud dashboards, databases, and reports, which has given a new life to businesses. Enterprise mobility solutions take personal care to cater to clients by improving customer service and customer loyalty.

Our Mobility solutions help with :

  •    Design, develop, implement, deploy and maintain efficient, feature-rich mobile applications
  •    Migrate existing applications to mobile platforms and integrate mobility solutions with pre-existing applications
  •    Overcome errors with automation tools, verification methods, and data integrity.

Modern business users consider the ability to interact with customers, employees, assets, products, and other businesses in real time, anytime, and from any location an essential requisite. They expect to pay as they say, virtually be there, and mostly get all tasks done in micro-moments. We help our client’s fuel innovation of digital transformation imperatives like IoT, big data analytics, and augmented intelligence using enterprise mobility as a macro force. We empower organizations to:

    Application Development :

    •    Build high performing intuitive applications and modernize older applications.
    •    Personalization, Information/Content-oriented apps
    •    Integrated Smart Enterprise Apps
    •    Embedded Systems Business Focused Apps
    •    IoT based Apps

    Roadmap and Strategy :

    •    Define mobility roadmap and build a strategy to mobilize workforce.
    •    Mobility Strategy Assessment and
    •    Advisory for enterprises
    •    Architecture Assessment and Definition
    •    Mobile Technology Evaluation, Strategy, and Consulting

    Integration : 

    •    Access multiple solutions from a single platform to transform operational efficiency.      
    •    IoT & Connected Devices
    •    Social Media  

    Efficiency Enhancement : 

    •    Enhance workplace productivity through process improvement and efficiency.
    •    Mobile Dashboard – Interpretation & add business value.