Avench Systems offers technical solutions to the business ideas in industries like Oil & gas, medical, consumer electronics and much more.

Oil and Gas

With our expertized staffs in FPGA and data acquisition systems, the customer gets shorter turn around time on both greenfield & brownfield projects.

Industrial Electronics

With our expertize in embedded electronics and firmware, we help our customer to build reliable & predictable industrial and automation machines

Medical Electronics

With our high-quality technical capabilities, Avench ensures to deliver highly reliable medical devices which are used for diagnostic purpose and support.

Mobility Solutions

Avench has a dedicated team for architecture design and development of Android, IOS platforms which provides a quick turn around time for customers

Wireless Networking

With a strong expertize in Wireless chips and firmware, we build stable connected systems using technologies like BLE, WiFi, Lora, etc.

High-Tech Electronics

We provide engineering services on highly complex electronics data Acquisition systems which integrates FPGA's and more than a thousand sensors.

Consumer Electronics

Avench comes with a rich domain expertize in consumer electronics, which helps customers to be competitive in the rapidly changing market.

Power and Utilities

Avench has a proven track record of developing energy & utility-based products which are highly competitive in the market.


Avench had designed and developed a Content Access Point which helps the education industry to reduce the infrastructure cost to 30%.