What are engineering services?

Engineering services are a broad spectrum of activities which involve business, technical, analytical, and consulting skills to support companies with embedded electronics expertise and solve their product development issues.

Avench offers 4 services to help you solve your design/prototyping/manufacturing problems:

What industries do you serve?

Avench would be able to help you with technical expertise across almost all domains but our main focus areas are:

  • Oil and gas
  • Medical Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Consumer Electronics

We will be more than happy to help you connect with the right engineering team if you can share the details on sales@avench.com.

What geographies do you serve?

Avench is open to work with companies all around the globe. Although, we have a strong customer base in the US, Canada and India. We have also worked with some Malaysian and Taiwanese companies. Our idea is collaborate, put in our combined efforts to help each other and make it a fruitful experience.

Please visit our homepage/customer names page to know about the no. of clients that we’ve worked with.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

It’s been 5 years that we’ve been around and we’ve had some changes with approach towards who we work with. Initially, it was just about helping people with embedded design and since we were new in this game we thought working with entrepreneurs or start-ups would be the best thing to do. But eventually, we realised that it is not the right path for us if we want to touch and help a larger section of the community to build new products. In short, we are open to working with all types of who have design/prototyping/manufacturing needs but our data states that our main customers are OEM companies.

What are the engagement models that you offer?

Avench works with customers based on 4 engagement models

We believe that engagement model selection is one of the most crucial steps in the whole project execution journey. It can make or break the implementation of a project. We take time to study your requirements and share a proposal which will highlight the engagement model. Our focus always will be to provide a great customer experience.

What is the typical product design timeline?

It would actually depend on the type of product, industry and market region that you are catering to. Apart from this, there are many factors like type of components, end application, design complexity etc which can only be decided/suggested if we know at least the basic details of the enquiry.

Send us a mail on sales@avench.com and we can arrange a one hour meeting to discuss the requirements.

You can drop by office whenever you visit this side of the city/country.

USA: Avench Systems INC, 100 North Arlington Avenue, Suite 200, Reno, Nevada- 89501 USA

India: Avench Systems Pvt Ltd., Plot no: 10A, KIADB Industrial area, Electronic City Phase 2, Bangalore 560100

Our server data shows that our average design timeline ranges from 35 to 50 weeks

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