Education is considered one of the most essential of human rights. But not everyone has enough access to this fundamental right. Millions of children around the world stay deprived of this luxury. Quality education is not only required for the depraved but also those already enrolled in schools and colleges. Wireless and mobile technology are changing the rules of this sector at a rapid pace. Even though there’s been a lot of technological progress, implementation remains a significant challenge. Schools and educational institutions across the world continue to wrestle with the changing role of those engaged in the teaching field. Another major problem is to balance the flexibility an efficient education system requires for adapting to changing needs, and the rules and standards expected to be followed by different governing authorities.

Current needs/trends of the Industry :

  • Flipped Learning / Classrooms : As the word suggests, it involves a system where the students learn by watching online videos and by communicating within their groups an then doing the homework in classrooms. It uses Wi-Fi enabled classroom technology and mobile-app solutions to create an interactive environment for students. It uses powerful analytics for measuring student responses.
  • Remote Learning : For students who live in remote areas and cant make it to schools, this option provides knowledge through online classes and videos. It leverages video-conferencing, class forums, pre-recorded videos to bring teachers and students closer.
  • Gamification : It applies to game design thinking to different classroom tasks. It uses the principles of game where dopamine is released on rewards obtained by successful completion of a task. The more difficult the task, the higher the reward.
  • Mind mapping : It involves creating knowledge flow lines using pictures and data by developing mobile applications to access such content.
  • Digital Textbooks : It enables users to access a vast amount of knowledge from language basics to high end emerging technologies such as FPGA design, embedded electronics, Internet of things, space technology and automation services.
  • Social media : Organizing online groups and supplying it with appropriate software and hardware learning aids to utilize and stimulate team learning between a diverse pool of students.

How Avench can serve the needs of the industry

Leveraging FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), Internet of things(IoT) and hardware design engineering coupled with data acquisition systems (DAQ) our company can implement high-end designs suited for this market. Our product Clumpe offers data(audio, video, text, images) access to remote areas where their network connectivity is practically nonexistent empowered with secure access to essential data. It uses flip and remote learning with virtual classroom experience which engages the student in a multi-dimensional learning experience.

Our company excels in engineering product designs. Our mission is to partner with companies to build winning strategies, enable innovation and design in their products and empower teams with design thinking tools to sustain the art of innovation. We provide service in product innovation, product design, product development, product validation, product prototyping, product manufacturing, product packaging and product promotion.

As an emerging design and development company, we have diverse experience dealing with customized products which enables us to provide innovative solutions to the field of educational services. We have a team enriched by diverse product design experience and who can seamlessly work to deliver targeted solutions to your needs.