Consumer Electronics

As one of the fastest growing and evolving industries in the world, Consumer Electronics includes devices essential for day to day activities. Smartphones and tablets, wearable devices, digital cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, television, smart lighting and the list continues. There are many devices which disappeared from the market in the last decade like DVD, Video cassette recorders and the list is big. New consumer devices came to market in the last decade are health bands, various entertainment devices like smart TVs, smart home accessories etc. The studies shows that average number of consumer electronic devices active in developed countries are 6 times more than population.

Current technology needs of the industry

The need for smart and fast technology makes this industry highly demanding. There is always a need for innovative ideas for companies to match their competition in this industry. One of the major challenges of the Consumer Electronics industry is technology growth, failing to meet the customer satisfaction and demands. The pace of industry growth and shorter time to market helps to adopt technologies faster. Following are a few major verticals where innovation is happening.

  • Energy Efficiency : Power monitoring and analyzing, efficiency analysis etc are a highly focused area of the industry. Wearable and portable devices are looking for better battery and management options.
  • Wireless Connectivity and Data Centralization : In the world of Internet-of-things we need every device to be connected to the internet. Existing devices can give new customer experience usages with the help of IoT and cloud data analysis support. The data related to all the devices can be stored in the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. One important aspect of IOT devices (a.k.a things) is low power consumption where connectivity protocols/technology like BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), WiFi, NBIOT (Narrow Band IOT) transfer small amount of data periodically.
  • Multi Functional Devices : When it comes to consumer electronics, customers prefer gadgets that support multiple functionality like Smartphones and tablets, Personal Computers etc. There is a need to produce low cost devices with complex design which are easy to operate. Accessories for mobile computing devices is another fast growing industry. Smart Home Controllers: One of the latest direction in consumer electronic industry is new gadgets related to smart homes, connected devices and sensors. All connected devices need a gateway or hub which can coordinate the traffic in and out
  • Avench & Electronics Product Design : At avench we provide electronic product design services to our customers meeting their product requirements. We work with various startups and MNCs in india and abroad. Our hardware design team is specialized in designing low power high speed products with compact form-factors and multi-layer PCBs. We are a leading product design company specialized on battery powered hardware designs for IOT. Other areas of consumer products that we deliver include:
    • Edge devices for IOT
    • IOT gateway hardware
    • Secure cloud connectivity stack
    • MCU Device firmware development
    • BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee & NBIOT based designs
    • Wearables & sensor based products
    • Cost optimization of existing designs

Avench team has experience developing products based on different 8bit, 16bit and 32bit micro controllers, ARM M0-M4 SOCs and IA 32/64 architecture. Some of the products we delivered in the past also include working on cypress FX3 firmware, MQX & FreeRTOS Real-time operating systems and high resolution camera interfacing on android platforms.