General Description

Avench’s Pipeline Investigation gauges(PIG) are devices that are inserted into pipelines and travel throughout the length of a pipeline is driven by a product flow. PIGs are designed to record conditions, such as dents, wrinkles, ovality, bend radius, angle, cracks and occasionally an indication of significant internal corrosion by making measurements of the inside surface of the oil and gas pipeline.

The solution involved a complete embedded hardware design, Firmware and Host PC APIs design and development.

Key Features:

  • The solution used Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology that develops a strong magnetic field in the cross-section of the pipe, through magnets located circumferentially around the PIG. An array of sensors record any flux leakage in the magnetic field, which indicates the metal loss.
  • Locate the damaged area, prevent major outbreaks and damages inside the pipeline.
  • Save time, effort and revenue to repair major damage of the pipeline.
  • FPGA based fault monitor and isolator
  • SD card-based storage and can support up to 2TB capacity.
  • Power management for optimal power usage.


Maintaining good battery life: 100 hours of battery life (Li-SO2 battery).

Faster Market entry: Reducing the development time for the product to enter the market faster.


Pipeline Investigation gauges(PIG) are used to inspect the health of oil and gas pipelines and identify damaged areas and prevent major outbreaks inside the pipeline.

Pipeline Investigation Gauge

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