The client is in the business of renting washing machines of different brands to hotels, hostels, serviced apartments for self-service on a pay per wash concept. The client purchases washing machines from different vendors for this business purpose. The customer base for the client expands across countries.


  • The client has invested a lot on their coin/ card operated washing machines.
  • The usage of two methods of payment i.e coin operated control box & card swiping machine has caused gridlocks in their business.
  • Most of the time there is an insufficiency of coins to use the coin-operated box.
  • Continuous use of the card machine wears out with time. Occasionally card machines wouldn’t operate. Labour intensive process- Collection executives need to go to all nooks & corner to collect payment.
  • Travel allowance has soared up due to repeated visits for maintenance of pay stations and collection of payment. Hence it’s taking a toll on their profits. Time management for collection is strenuous.
  • Realization of revenue takes longer than anticipated.

SUMMARY SOLUTION: Since its the digital age, ASPL fabricated a cost-optimized digital payment solution. Using smart phone applications, activation of washing machines would be initiated once the customers make their payment via paytm, citrus wallet, free charge etc.


  • BLE based control board– fits into the coin box/smart card-based payment mechanism interface which was standard across all models of commercial washing.
  • Cloud connectivity – It monitors the operational status of connected machines.



  • Hassle-free payment, user-friendly Reduction in the travel budget
  • Real-time data available on the usage of the appliances
  • Lesser staff required for maintenance
  • Issues are known beforehand
  • cost of the module has been reduced by a fifth of the initial module cost


ASPL with their technical expertise has triumphed over the hindrance faced by their consumer. By conducting a study of the bottlenecks, ASPL was able to provide a smooth & streamlined process for their day to day affairs. Due to the ease of use, the demand has ascended sharply & now we have 500+ units being utilized in the market.