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High Value Asset Tracker

General Description Avench designed and developed a tracking device as per client expectations which can be mounted on their high-value assets in the field and while in transit so that they could locate it on a real-time basis. Its ability to triangulate an asset’s position on a real-time basis made it a valuable addition to [...]


General Description Avench designed an optimized digital payment solution using a smartphone application, activation of a washing machine would be initiated once the customers make payment via Paytm, free charge, citrus wallet etc. The client has invested a huge amount on their card/coin-operated washing machines. Most of the time there is an insufficiency of coins [...]

Water Quality Measurement

General Description Avench designed a stand-alone Bluetooth enabled prototype device and a compatible android application which can measure the quality of water with the help of chemically sensitive colour changing polymers and display the result in the form of pH, total hardness and/or TDS on a paired Android device. The app was designed to prevent [...]

LoRa Sensor & Gateway

General Description Avench developed a LoRa based sensor and gateway device that could receive information from the sensor, store it in the memory and transmit it to the gateway station. The LoRa sensor-based system senses temperature and capacitance. The LORA based sensor system also has Link status, temperature status, capacitance status and Low battery indication. [...]

Home UPS

General Description Avench’s Home UPS solution is a miniature IOT module based on an efficient microcontroller and WiFi module to connect the UPS with a cloud server. The client was not able to monitor the usage data of their UPS. Also, the technicians could not remotely monitor the cause of failure, even if it is [...]


General Description Zifilink solves the lack of bandwidth aggregation faced by various industries in daily life. It is a device which can be connected with multiple dongles of same or from various technologies like 2G/3G/4G, aggregates the speed of the overall network and will give you a combined output which would be typically up to [...]

Pipeline Investigation Gauge

General Description Avench’s Pipeline Investigation gauges(PIG) are devices that are inserted into pipelines and travel throughout the length of a pipeline is driven by a product flow. PIGs are designed to record conditions, such as dents, wrinkles, ovality, bend radius, angle, cracks and occasionally an indication of significant internal corrosion by making measurements of the [...]

Blood Composition Analyzer

General Description Avench’s non-intrusive blood composition analyzer provides a dynamic method for spot-checking of blood composition levels with good accuracy enabling quick estimation of blood composition levels. The solution involved a complete embedded hardware design with software support to build a non-intrusive blood analyzer. Key Features: The solution used an ARM processor in combination with [...]

Precision Temperature Monitoring System

General Description Avench’s Precision Temperature monitoring system uses BLE module in combination with far infrared temperature sensor and ARM Cortex (Bluetooth MCU) to enable precise temperature monitoring for a range of medical applications. The client's requirement was to design a disposable battery operated medical device that can measure different core body parameters precisely. The solution [...]