Why is Offshoring Product Engineering services Vital in this Industry 4.0?

Technologies constantly change and are getting replaced by newer ones at a rapid pace. Products need upgrading with new & innovative features not only to survive but also to be competitive in the market. Upgrades in the technology happen whenever a new feature or option is required to be added to an existing product, or a new product needs to be customized, according to the needs and requirements from the markets or a client.

Offshoring product engineering has revolutionized the way business operations are conducted around the world. Today, all enterprises whether big, medium or small are making use of OPE services for their robust growth and to derive value-added results. It also helps enterprises to focus on their core activities and other vital business objectives.

How Offshore Product Engineering Solutions are beneficial to your Enterprise?

Cost: Reduced cost is one of the major benefits of offshoring any product engineering service that may also include Embedded product engineering services. In manufacturing any product, labor and materials constitute nearly 70% of the total cost. It would be of great advantage if a company moves its operations offshore to a location where the material and the labour is much cheaper and available at lower costs. This can easily help to reduce the overall costs of manufacturing, without any compromise in the output quality.

Pricing: Manufacturers can adjust their pricing strategies with lower production costs that enable them to capture bigger markets. It also leads to higher revenue generated due to greater sales and greatly boosts company profits. With low manufacturing costs, the company has an opportunity to earn higher profit margins and to attain volume sales by pricing the products significantly lower than competitors.

Overseas Benefits – Engineering solutions and their outsourcing help enterprises to stay competitive in the market for many decades. The reason for this is that product engineers are well equipped with up-to-date knowledge on the latest technologies that help them to apply and provide the output cost-effectively. Thus, the concept of offshoring these services helps in leveraging the best resources around the world and adds more value to your business.

Scalability: Apart from deriving the specialization and cost benefits, moving business operations offshore also helps the manufacturers to scale up/down their respective business operations as per the market fluctuations. As per demand, the hourly arrangements can either be scaled back or expanded easily. If you focus your business operations only on a specific location, responding to market demands cost-effectively becomes difficult. Moving vital and key operations offshore helps enterprises to optimize their development, resource use, and supply chain more effectively and efficiently.

Minimal Risks – When you focus on scaling your business operations in a particular geography, there is a higher risk to your profitability. This might be because of the scaling challenges such as over-production or lack of sufficient material that requires time and any downtime in the product that can cost the company in terms of financial implications. With the right offshore product engineering services in place, the scaling risks and downtime can be eliminated. Enterprises also make use of a plethora of services that are offered by product engineering service providers such as part standardization and lean product development to maximize profits.

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