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Everything You Need To Know About IoT Solutions Development Life Cycle

Everything begins with an idea whether it is a computer or airplane. Before the launch of any product there is an idea and the process that includes right from conception to product / solution, which is known as product development life cycle. An ideal IoT product development or solution development lifecycle consists of both hardware and software development. The hardware development of an IoT solution includes understanding of the sensors, product features,circuit design, firmware etc.

Now let's understand the solution development life cycle of an IoT solution:

Inception:  It includes comprehending, gathering, and realizing the possibilities of IoT solutions. Every single project is initiated with a list of exact and accurate requirements. After the discussion with the client and gathering the minute-in-detail inputs, the client requirements are analyzed with some vital questions. The functional requirements are considered and a strategic plan is created for the purpose of IoT Solution.

Design : This phase includes transformation of the idea into a design. Once the client requirements are gathered, the next stage is designing an IoT prototype. To build a prototype, a team of engineers commences the idea with specific software, technologies algorithm and circuit design. A careful analysis of range, battery life, cost and other important factors are provided in the built prototype that helps the client to determine which solution will work best with the end product. Right from designers’ challenge and ratio of cost performance with specific solutions and its aspects are discussed.

Review: At this stage reviewing of the functionality at every point and circuit design is done. From time to time, the mechanical, schematics, software algorithms, and layouts are reviewed. Undoubtedly, it is a crucial stage as the product’s future and reliability depends on reviewing for any flaws and getting it addressed. The IoT prototype is reviewed comprehensively as it helps improve the manufacturing and performance of the product. This project review phase focuses on the development phases as well as in making the product more user friendly.

IoT Prototype Building : During this phase, the actual product prototype is built. The sensors, modules, simulators and embedded boards development kits are tested with the firmware. Focusing on the targeted form factor, design and cost/performance ratio of the prototype is developed. The procoes of IoT prototyping is done several times until the desired prototype without any errors is achieved and it includes many stages.

Testing & Validation : It includes testing the prototype and validating it. Once the IoT prototype is done, the next step is to test with different conditions and validity   of the server and software application. The prototype and its related applications are validated before taking it for manufacturing processes. Various parameters of the hardware including amplitude, signals, voltas, heat conditions, temperatures, power consumptions, and more are tested.

Manufacturing : In this stage, the fabrication of the printed circuit board & its assembly is done.  To make the product a success, the product prototype is tested over the assembly line. Tests such as individual components testing, stress testing and defect identification, are performed for the product. After identification of the issues, problems are rechecked and addressed. The final product is then made available.

Maintenance : It includes lifetime support of the product. Actually the development of the product is complete at this stage and the maintenance aspect starts. To remain up to date with the technologies, the product undergoes modification from time to time to time. The programmers and engineers provide the maintenance support. The updates related to firmware are provided and regularly new features are updated through FOTA. At this stage, building an IoT solution is done. You can choose the best Product design and development companies in Bangalore for the purpose of IoT solutions.

IoT Solutions Development Life Cycle

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Now let's understand the solution development life cycle of an IoT solution

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